Guest Profile Functionality

Guest profile lfunctionality in a laptop with happy people in the bachground

At Triparound, we are excited to introduce our newest functionality, the Guest Profile, which assists you in keeping track of all individual customer-specific information and preferences, such as contact information, food allergies and intolerances, healthcare notes, ancillary services’ bookings, stays, history of cancellations and no shows, marketing emails sent by your team and generic notes.

Our Guest Profile functionality can help you stay organized and maximize guest satisfaction by giving you the ability to provide a highly personalized booking experience. More specifically, by having easy access to all disclosed guest information, you can now track how many times a guest has stayed at your hotel, how much use they are making of your ancillary services, and whether your suppliers need to be aware of any restrictions, whether dietary, health or otherwise.

Additionally, by keeping track of the last marketing email sent, you can ensure that you are not overwhelming your guests with promotional email content. The “Contact Notes” feature allows for other comprehensive information to be included at the discretion of your team.

The problem

Are you and your team tired of endlessly shuffling through papers and scrolling through folders to find guest information provided prior or during your guest’s stay? Is your concierge struggling to find insights about your repeating guests’ previous stays in order to provide the best experience by suggesting the most suitable services?

This is where Triparound steps in!

Our brand-new Guest Profile functionality is here to make you more efficient and help you provide a tailored booking experience for all your guests, without the hassle of the search.

How it works:

With the Triparound Guest Profile functionality, your management team can now quickly track and update relevant guest information with just a few clicks. With the addition of our new functionality, your team can select “Customers” on the Triparound menu and get started by accessing valuable data for your guests, all in one place.

But that’s not all.Triparoundoffers a complete arsenal of tools for the sophisticated hotelier to:

  • Generate new channels of revenue.
  • Gain valuable insights on activity trends and guest profiles.
  • Manage all suppliers with ease and efficiency.
  • Increase guest satisfaction.
  • Make all activity bookings and communications contactless, eliminating COVID-19 stress.

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