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Welcome to Triparound’s FAQ page.

What is Triparound?

Triparound’s all-in-one platform supports modern travel professionals to promote, up-sell, and manage in-house and third-party ancillary services. By making experiences and activities bookable online, we help you increase guest spending and efficiency with simplified operations, automated communication, and real-time reporting. Triparound unlocks hidden revenue streams while capturing valuable information about sales trends and preferences, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Triparound is a SaaS. What does that mean?

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software to your desktop PC or business network to run and update, you access an application via an internet browser. 

What are the advantages of a SaaS application?

  1. Accessibility: the ability to run the software through an internet browser on any PC or smartphone without having to install anything.  
  2. Updates: the software is updated centrally as it runs in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining internally. 
  3. Hardware: the platform is accessible on your existing devices, eliminating the need for additional expenses on redundant hardware. 

Does the Triparound solution works for my business?

If your business is any of the following, Triparound can maximize your business revenue and skyrocket your team’s operational efficiency with just a few clicks:

  • Group of Hotels or Resorts
  • Stand-alone Hotel or Resort
  • Vacation Rental Business
  • Travel Advisor

Does the Triparound solution cater to smaller hotels?

We find that some of our smaller customers are the ones that make the most of our solution as they often have fewer staff and multiple external suppliers. With a variety of hand-selected activity offerings and limited resources, it can often feel overwhelming to manage bookings and stay ahead of the competition at the same time. You can find out more about how Triparound addresses the needs of smaller hotels in our dedicated blog post and this case study.

GDPR. What happens with guests' data privacy?

Our handling of personal data is carried out in full compliance with the GDPR – from a legal perspective all legal requirements are clearly defined in our Terms of Service.

How can we connect and coordinate with our external suppliers?

The coordination process with the external suppliers is very simple, as one of the fundamental advantages of our platform is its ability to support products and services offered by third parties. You can “invite” an external supplier to upload their products and availabilities on the Triparound platform, making them available for online booking by your guests. In this way, your team can avoid multiple calls and emails with external partners that would be required without our sophisticated solution.

What data can I access with Triparound’s reporting tool?

Our in-depth, real-time reporting is your key to accessing business intelligence based on the performance of your ancillary services. Having everything in one place means that data gathers centrally; and this brings great business value when it comes to strategic decision making, marketing action planning, and developing customer loyalty.

You can now leverage end-to-end booking figures, sales information, and individual guest preferences to identify new revenue opportunities.

  • Profit, total revenue & monthly sales
  • Total supplier expenses & reseller costs
  • Booking allocation per activity & category
  • Bookings over time with activity & customer information

Do you integrate with PMS and other systems?

Triparound is integration-friendly with third-party systems that complement our services, making your hotel’s or vacation rental business’s operations seamless and efficient. Until now, we have introduced several integrations with some of the industry’s leading Property Management Systems (PMS) and Room Booking Engines. Indicatively, Opera Hospitality, Track PMS, and Protel are amongst them, with many more on their way.

Furthermore, our product team can explore integration opportunities with your distributors.

How do online payments work with Triparound?

Triparound acts as a marketplace that enables online payments from your guests to your business. Currently, we process online credit and debit card payments with Stripe and Everypay as our payment gateways.

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