Alternatives Functionality Redesigned

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Finding the right time to perform an activity, an experience, or service can be complicated and time-consuming – even for the most operationally streamlined hotels. Especially when looking to schedule an activity offered by a third-party, communication between guests, hoteliers, and suppliers can become daunting.

Triparound’s newest launch has you covered. The Alternatives functionality was designed to equip hoteliers with greater agility when serving a request. More specifically, the front-office team, partnering tour guides, external drivers, and other operators can suggest alternative hours, packages, cars when they can’t serve a request.


The problem

An activity’s set schedule can be hard to define, as it is subject to several issues that can’t be clearly predicted. For example, a sailing tour or a mountain trip is always subject to good weather.

Furthermore, the frequent changes that the operators’ schedule is subject to, can significantly affect the availability of a service. A last-minute change in a partnering driver’s schedule – a not uncommon occurrence – would greatly affect the availability of a hotel’s transfer services. A tired guest arriving on a red-eye flight, looking to get to the hotel as quickly as possible, does not want to deal with scheduling complications.

These situations lead to last-minute cancellations and long communication cycles between the traveler, hoteliers, and suppliers, leading to mistakes. Endless emails and phone calls involved in rescheduling can be overwhelming, leaving hotel staff, guests and operators unhappy.


This is where Triparound steps in!


Triparound users and their partners can use the Alternatives functionality to propose alternative hours or resources to accommodate a request that would otherwise simply be canceled.


This tool assists hoteliers in retaining lost revenue and offering impeccable services even when the conditions are demanding, showing that they would go the extra mile to keep their guests happy.


How it works:


The Triparound Alternatives functionality is now redesigned, offering the following new options:

1. Alternatives are processed per Booking-Session and not per Transaction.

2. New Statuses on Alternatives are created: “Alternative”, “Alternatives Sent”, “Alternatives Declined”.

3. Alternatives are now supported on Rentals as well.



Previously, Alternatives were sent per Transaction, meaning if a guest made a Transaction including 10 bookings for example, then the hotel or the supplier would have to send an Alternative for all 10 bookings, even if there was a conflict on only one of them.


Additionally, Alternatives didn’t have their own status, which made it difficult to track the progress of a booking that could not be fulfilled. Alternatives were mixed with bookings that were on “Pending” or “Cancelled” Status. Now Alternatives are labeled as “Alternatives Sent” instead of “Cancelled” and “Alternative” instead of “Pending”.

The issues above are now resolved by:

1. A supplier/hotelier can send alternative per individual bookings.
2. Guests can book alternatives in a more straightforward way.
3. Clear & comprehensible booking statuses for proposed alternatives.



But that’s not all.Triparoundoffers a complete arsenal of tools for the sophisticated hotelier to:


  • Generate new channels of revenue.
  • Gain valuable insights on activity trends and guest profiles.
  • Manage all suppliers with ease and efficiency.
  • Increase guest satisfaction.
  • Make all activity bookings and communications contactless, eliminating COVID-19 stress.

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