The bridge between the hospitality industry and technology is long, and there are few people who can cross it

Crossing the bridge

Triparound is a travel tech company founded by Christos Stergiou and Antonis Chalkiopoulos, backed by an all-star team of angel investors across five continents and Silicon Valley with a vision to change how people travel worldwide

All-star team of angel investors and advisors

Our angel investors include CapitalG partner Laela Sturdy, DFJ partner Andreas Stavropoulos, and Tenaya Capital partner Ben Boyer, among others. Our Advisory Board consists of Kedar Doshi (SVP of Engineering, Analytics at Salesforce) and Yannis Dosios (VP of Emerging Businesses at Twitter)

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Empowering travel professionals

We focus on what matters to you; increase sales, create a travel experience or itinerary with immense speed, book extraordinary experiences for your customers at a click of a button, manage suppliers, customers, accounting, gain business intelligence
Your vision is now a reality

Create seamless and enriched touchpoints between travel professionals and travelers

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Connect the dots of traveling experiences in a more efficient and holistic way

Create your own marketplace

Connect with everyone from guests, suppliers and resellers in a single platform